Ward, Helen

The Complete

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Artist / Band: Ward, Helen
Title / Titel: The Complete
Label: Collector's Choice 2000
Format: 2CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. This little piggie wnt to market
2. Night on the water
3. The boulevard of broken dreams
4. Let's put two and two together
5. Oh! the pity of it all
6. The Spanish in my eyes
7. You're the top
8. All through the night
9. I'm a hundred percent for you
10. The dixieland band
11. Blue moon
12. Throwin' stones at the sun
13. Singing a happy song
14. I was lucky
15. Night wind
16. You came to my rescue
17. Here's love in your eye
18. One never knows, does one?
19. Who's that knockin' at my heart?
20. There's a lull in my life
21. It's swell of you
22. How am I to know?
23. You turned the tables on me

Disc 2
1. One more dream
2. Feelin' high and happy
3. I cover the waterfront
4. I've got a crush on you
5. Hurry back to Sorrento
6. I take to you
7. Daddy
8. I'll never be the same
9. I get a kick out of you
10. You're my favorite memory
11. You're a heavenly thing
12. What a little moonlight can do
13. I'll never say "never again" again
14. I've got the feeling I'm falling
15. It's been so long
16. It's been so long
17. You brought a new kind of love to me
18. You're mine
19. I'm nobody's baby
20. Same old moon (Same old sky)
21. When you make love to me (Don't make believe)
22. You brought a new kind of love to me
23. It all depends on you
24. Nice work if you can get it