Ween - Live In Chicago + CD

Sanctuary 2004

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Artist / Band: Ween
Title / Titel: Live In Chicago + CD
Label: Sanctuary 2004
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

DVD-1 Buckingham Green
DVD-2 Spinal Meningitis Got Me Down
DVD-3 Pork Roll Egg And Cheese
DVD-4 Take Me Away
DVD-5 The Grobe
DVD-6 Transdermal Celebration
DVD-7 Even If U Don't
DVD-8 Voodoo Lady
DVD-9 Baby Bitch
DVD-10 The H.I.V. Song
DVD-11 Roses Are Free
DVD-12 Mutilated Lips
DVD-13 Chocolate Town
DVD-14 I'll Be Your Jonny On Th' Spot
DVD-15 Touch My Tooter
DVD-16 The Argus
DVD-17 Zoloft
DVD-18 Ocean Man
DVD-19 Don't Laugh (I Love You)
DVD-20 All Of My Love
DVD-21 Big Jilm
DVD-22 You Fucked Up
DVD-23 Doctor Rock
DVD-24 She Fucks Me (Encore)
DVD-25 Booze Me Up And Get Me High
DVD-26 The Blarney Stone
CD-1 Take Me Away 3:02
CD-2 The Grobe 3:17
CD-3 Transdermal Celebration 3:33
CD-4 Even If U Don't 4:20
CD-5 Voodoo Lady 7:30
CD-6 The H.I.V. Song 1:54
CD-7 Baby Bitch 3:26
CD-8 Roses Are Free 6:03
CD-9 Mutilated Lips 4:37
CD-10 Chocolate Town 3:23
CD-11 I'll Be Your Jonny On Th' Spot 4:29
CD-12 Buckingham Green 3:57
CD-13 Spinal Meningitis Got Me Down 3:08
CD-14 Pork Roll Egg And Cheese 2:30
CD-15 The Argus 4:57
CD-16 Zoloft 7:05
CD-17 Ocean Man 2:15

Bass, Vocals – Dave Dreiwitz
Drums, Vocals – Claude Coleman, Jr
Guitar, Vocals – Dean Ween, Gene Ween
Keyboards, Vocals – Glenn McClelland