Weiss, Philipp - You Must Believe.. STEVE KUHN LEW SOLOFF

Universal 2005

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Artist / Band: Weiss, Philipp
Titel: You Must Believe.. STEVE KUHN LEW SOLOFF
Label: Universal 2005
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU, Digipack

1. Lucky To Be Me
2. I Fall In Love Too Easily
3. The Touch Of Your Lips
4. My Foolish Heart
5. She Brought Me Back
6. A Child Is Born
7. We'll Be Together Again
8. You Must Believe In Spring
9. The Shadow Of Your Smile
10. Make Someone Happy
11. Everytime We Say Goodbye

Philipp Weiss with Steve Kuhn - Billy Drummond - David Fink - Lew Soloff - Eric Alexander - Tim Bolden