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Artist / Band: Whitesnake
Title / Titel: Forevermore
Label: Frontiers
Format: CD/DVD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed digipack

CD-1 Steal Your Heart Away 5:18
CD-2 All Out Of Luck 5:28
CD-3 Love Will Set You Free 3:52
CD-4 Easier Said Than Done 5:13
CD-5 Tell Me How 4:41
CD-6 I Need You (Shine A Light) 3:49
CD-7 One Of These Days 4:53
CD-8 Love & Treat Me Right 4:14
CD-9 Dogs In The Street 3:48
CD-10 Fare Thee Well 5:18
CD-11 Whipping Boy Blues 5:02
CD-12 My Evil Ways 4:33
CD-13 Forevermore 7:22
Bonus Tracks
CD-14 Love Will Set You Free (Alt Mix) 4:09
CD-15 Forevermore (Acoustic Version) 4:42
CD-16 My Evil Ways (My Evil Drums Mix) 4:51
DVD-1 Making Of Forevermore
DVD-2 Forevermore: Track By Track
DVD-3 Love Will Set You Free (Music Video)
DVD-4 Making Of Love Will Set You Free