Whitman, Slim - In Love With / Happy Street

BGO 2011

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Artist / Band: Whitman, Slim
Title / Titel: In Love With / Happy Street
Label: BGO 2011
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed slipcase

1. Rainbows Are Back In Style
2. Just Loving You
3. Yesterday's Roses
4. Walk Through This World With Me
5. Unchained Melody
6. Just A Few Sweet Kisses
7. Little Green Valley
8. South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)
9. My Heart Is In The Roses
10. How Could I Not Love You
11. Jerry
12. I'll Never Let You Cry
13. Happy Street
14. Heaven Says Hello
15. You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
16. Star Of Hope
17. My Heart Was Made For Loving You
18. Something Pretty
19. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
20. Livin' On Lovin' (And Lovin' Livin' With You)
21. My Blue Heaven
22. I Love You A Thousand Ways
23. My Happiness
24. Love Lanes Of Yesterday