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Wilde Flowers, the - same / Ft. Kevin Ayers, Richard Coughlan, Graham Flight, etc.

Voiceprint 1994

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Artist / Band: Wilde Flowers, the
Title / Titel: same / Ft. Kevin Ayers, Richard Coughlan, Graham Flight, etc.
Label: Voiceprint 1994
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

2.Those Words They Say
4.Don't Try To Change Me
5.Parchman Farm
6.Almost Grown
7.She's Gone
8.Slow Walkin' Talk
9.He's Bad For You
10.It's What I Feel
11.Memories (Instrumental)
12.Never Leave Me
13.Time After Time
14.Just Where I Want
15.No Game When You Lose
17.Why Do You Care (With Zobe)
18.The Pieman Cometh (With Zobe)
19.Summer Spirit (With Zobe)
20.She Loves To Hurt
21.The Big Show

Brian Hopper - Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano), Vocals (Background)
Chris Thorpe - Mastering
Dave Lawrence - Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Graham Flight - Vocals, Voices
Hugh Hopper - Guitar (Bass)
John Lawrence - Guitar
Kevin Ayers - Vocals, Vocals (Background), Voices
Mike Ratledge - Organ, Pan Flute
Pye Hastings - Guitar
Richard Coughlan - Drums
Richard Sinclair - Drums, Guitar, Percussion
Robert Wyatt - Drums, Percussion, Trombone, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
The Wilde Flowers - Main Performer
Zobe - Performer