Way of the Dead

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Artist / Band: Yakuza
Title / Titel: Way of the Dead
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Zustand: NEU OVP / sealed

1. Vergasso
2. Miami device
3. Yama
4. Signa 2.42
5. T.M.S.
6. Chicago typewriter
7. Obscurity
8. 01000011110011

Members: Bruce Lamont, Matt McClelland, Jim Staffel, Ivan Cruz, Eric Plonka, Eric Clark, Jackson
Genres: Avant-garde Metal, Experimental Rock, Jazzcore, Progressive Metal, Jazz-Doomcore

Much like The Tibethan Book of the Dead by Timothy Leary this album delivers like a psychedelic punch in the face trip. Intros or Interludes/intermezzos with silent and ethereal ceremonial lead ins until the climax or mountain plateau if you will throws you over with a bang of new breath. The album is kept in tibethan manner, extremely innovative and non conformistic as far as genres go. You will conquer riffs backed by saxophones and then followed by ass kicking pounding metal only to relax to an ambient chillout clarity with the next trip. A journey any music listener wouldn't forget... ever.