Young Dubliners


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Artist / Band: Young Dubliners
Title / Titel: Saints and Sinners KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD
Label: Floating World 2009
Format: CD
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1. Saints and Sinners
2. Howaya Girls
3. Rosie
4. Buy You a Life
5. In the End
6. Backseatdriver
7. This Time
8. Caroline
9. Saoirse
10. (I Don't Think I'll) Love Anymore
11. My Town
12. Chance

Keith Roberts – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Chas Waltz – violin, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Dave Ingraham – drums, percussion
Bob Boulding – electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Brendan Holmes – bass, vocals
features guest appearances by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Rigler and Cindy Wasserman